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(OFFTIME) is a tool that gives you a little break from all the information that comes through your Android. With this app, you can forget about calls, text messages, app notifications, and tweets, leaving it all behind for a while.

The idea behind an application like (OFFTIME) is simple: we're always checking our phones, always connected to the Internet, always glued to some sort of screen. And it's not necessarily a bad thing... if you can manage to disconnect from everything now and then. The point of this app is precisely that: for a few minutes each day, you can forget you have your phone in your pocket.

To do so you can set up a series of filters and parameters that let you determine what kinds of apps to block over a period of time, as well as which phone numbers to block and which emergency phone numbers and messages to allow.

For example, you can make it so that your phone receives absolutely nothing except for calls from your mother. Everything else can be locked, but if she calls, it will ring.

(OFFTIME) is an interesting tool for people who often become stressed due to the constant use of mobile phones. It goes without saying that a good alternative to (OFFTIME) is, of course, turning off your device full stop.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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